Qaiser Rashid

Senior Surveyor

We asked Qaiser Rashid, Senior Surveyor who joined ITC in 2017 a few questions about what attracted him to ITC in the first place, what keeps him at ITC, what training and development he’s experienced since joining us and what he’d say to anyone considering joining the team.

You can Approach Anyone

“ITC are only based 2 miles from my home, which is great, and I was also attracted to the type of work they do; refurbishment of CATA/B, heating, and ventilation projects.  During my interview I was shown their internal systems which I had previous experience of similar systems, so that felt good.  I also liked Tony Corbett who interviewed me and is now my Project Director and line manager.  The salary was competitive, and I was impressed by the flat management structure and the people who seemed friendly; it seemed that you could just talk and approach anyone in the business.

That was my interview and it all proved to be right.  I’m very happy working at ITC and the amount of work I’m given, I enjoy the online courses, like Health & Safety, contractual awareness, sub-contractor payments for example, which have all helped with my own progression.  The salary has remained competitive and I like the appreciation and recognition I receive for my contribution to the business.  My colleagues are friendly both on-site and, in the office, and everyone is treated equally, the same opportunities are there for all.  Being a Muslim, I’ve always been given time off for religious reasons and the company are understanding for any religious festivals.

Enjoyed the Responsibility

I’ve been in the Construction industry for over 20 years and the ITC management look after their staff, they are polite and professional, we have great communication from estimating to post contractor and I believe this is all part of their success.  You do need to work hard for the business, for you and them to be a success, I’ve always enjoyed the responsibility I’ve been given and the confidence they have in me to do my job.

If you are considering joining ITC – they pay well, they pay their subcontractors on time, they are very strict in looking after those in their supply chain as well as clients. The quality of work that is delivered is high, we operate in a variety of sectors, hospitals, schools so there is a great variety of projects.  You’ll need attention to detail and be able to build long-term relationships internally and externally. ITC think long-term; good relationships and completion on time are key – this way you’ll avoid any disputes.  It’s not all work though without play, they organise great social events and I’ve been given the opportunity to entertain the clients, it isn’t just the Directors who get to do that!

If this sounds like the kind of place you’d like to work in, why don’t you get in touch.”  Thanks, Qaiser.

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I’ve always enjoyed the responsibility I’ve been given and the confidence they have in me to do my job.