University of the Arts London
Camberwell College of Arts
The Hub, Eagle Wharf

Type: Fit-out
Duration: 15 weeks
Value: £826,000
Client: University of the Arts London
Architect: Stephen Marshall
QS: Cumming Group
M&E: Max Fordham

The Hub has landed at Eagle Wharf

As part of UAL’s strategic plan to create ‘Inspirational Environments,’ ITC was appointed to fit-out the ground floor of Eagle Wharf; a new 393-room halls of residence development in Peckham.

Starting from shell and core, the ITC team delivered a Cat A and Cat B fit-out to create a digital learning centre, The Hub. The team built a large reception area with community space, informal seating that can accommodate up to 50 people, two exhibition areas, a start-up workspace, a maker lab and a separate training lab and lecture space that can accommodate between 50 to 70 people.

We worked collaboratively with the client and their team to overcome challenges throughout the project. Value engineering helped to meet the client’s budget, without compromising on the overall design.

Shortages of chips from overseas, caused delays to M&E installations. We listened to the client, had a flexible approach, and developed technical solutions to minimise the impact on the programme.

The Hub provides flexible spaces for all to explore emerging technologies, learn new skills and develop creative business ideas. The environments created and technology installed, will allow UAL to provide local people and businesses with innovative opportunities for learning and collaboration, now and in the future.

The ITC team was friendly, professional and easy to get along with. I would definitely recommend them to a colleague.

Jess Paull | Architect | Stephen Marshall

UAL Camberwell The Hub Eagle Wharf
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