Komodo Dragon Enclosure, ZSL London Zoo

Type: Specialist Project
Value: £1m
Duration: 25 weeks 

Eden project-inspired roof part of brand new enclosure opened by Sir David Attenborough.

We were principal contractor for the building of the innovative Komodo dragon enclosure at ZSL London Zoo in Regent’s Park, opened by Sir David Attenborough.

The project included the installation of a roof similar to that of the Eden Project in Cornwall: a steel-framed structure supported by curved laminated beams, which provides natural light whilst protecting the dragons from ultra violet rays.

This was adjoined to a ‘living roof’ covered in soil and plants. Further works included the construction of a 50-metre long glass-walled public viewing area, and an adjacent outdoor area.

The work on the indoor environment included the construction and installation of artificial rock walls and vegetation such as that found in the creature’s natural habitats in the southern islands of Indonesia.

The whole enclosure is subject to strict climate control and an irrigation system, maintained by state-of-the-art equipment concealed within the artificial rock face.