London Fire Commissioner,
Integrated Equipment & Logistics Centre

Type: Refurbishment
Duration: 56 Weeks
Value: £3.6m

Creation of a new Integrated Equipment and Logistics Centre.

This project consisted of the modification, alteration and refurbishment of an existing warehouse building, and the construction of a two-storey structural steel to create an Integrated Equipment and Logistics Centre for the London Fire Commissioner.

ITC constructed new slab foundation and raft foundations for the new mezzanine offices within the warehouse area. Works also included new blockwork walling, mechanical and electrical installations. ITC worked with a specialist company to install fall arrest equipment in order to access maintenance of the PV panels. Significant milestones on the project were the creation of the new sprinkler system and the large water tank and pump enclosed within a new housing.

The ITC team overcame several challenges along the way. The design of the storage racking and integration of the sprinkler and foam system needed to be coordinated and designed to ensure the systems worked efficiently together; a great accomplishment for the team since the original sprinkler system did not work. The ventilation system and ductwork design also had to be managed carefully to produce permanent formwork for the upper floor structures.

The ITC team were proud to deliver an excellent facility to the London Fire Commissioner; one that provides efficient equipment storage, plus training and office facilities which will be used for future professional development.