East Surrey College
Digital T-Level Centre

Type: Refurbishment
Duration: 20 weeks
Value: £950k
Architect: Ayre Chamberlain Gaunt
QS: Woodley Coles LLP
M&E: Michael Jones & Associates

Taking East Surrey College to the nexT Level

East Surrey College is a successful vocational college situated in Redhill, Surrey. The College wanted to expand their curriculum offer and start delivering a new type of qualification – the T Level, but did not have any existing spaces to facilitate these courses.

A large open plan staff work area was identified as a suitable space that could be remodelled and fitted-out. ITC were appointed to carry out the work on a Design & Build contract; by combining the new teaching space with the former staff only areas, the College was able to increase student capacity without extending the building.

Maximising space to meet the needs of students and staff

The team began by stripping out the existing space, which also involved some minor demolition works. The new rooms were built with a central corridor dividing student and staff areas. Bespoke ‘ceiling fin’ lighting was installed, along with joinery and decoration, giving the spaces a fresh, contemporary feel.

ITC also facilitated the upgrade, extension and installation of M&E services, including AC and fire upgrade works. Testing and commissioning of services were also carried out.

A considerate project

We achieved an ‘Excellent’ certificate from Considerate Constructors for this project, demonstrating our commitment to the community, workforce and environment. Sustainability was at the core of this refurbishment project. Materials that were stripped out were reused or repurposed.

We encouraged local procurement and sustainable modes of transport – one of our team members choose to run to the College, when working on site. We are delighted that this project achieved ‘Very Good’ BREEAM rating.

A new purpose-built Digital T Levels Centre

The state-of-the-art centre is specifically equipped to deliver Digital courses. The finished spaces include 4 computer labs, 2 collaboration classrooms, 2 meeting rooms and 1 large conference room, all designed for student success.

ITC have been the best Contractor we’ve ever had on site, and at most times the College didn’t even know they were there working.

Paul Mays | Premises Manager | East Surrey College

East Surrey College T Level Centre
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East Surrey College T Level Centre
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