Croydon Council,
Crosfield House

Type: Refurbishment
Duration: 32 Weeks
Value: £3m

Creation of a new Community Equipment Service Unit.

Our team worked with Croydon Council to refurbish and remodel an existing warehouse facility into a storage facility and office for the relocation of the Communicate Equipment Services Unit.

Following the strip out, demolition and removal of existing services, fixtures and fittings, the ITC team constructed new layouts to suit the requirements of the CES Unit and installed all new services and fitments. To compliment the internal and external upgrades, the resurfacing and drainage alterations were carried out to give a complete premium upgrade and new flood doors were provided.

Externally, thermal cladding was installed, as well as barriers, new roofing and new security cameras. Additional works included completing design of works and reviewing and renewing the fire strategy.

The project came under the Considerate Contractor’s scheme requiring ITC to ensure that all works were carried out in a safe and considerate manner with regards to pedestrians and road users, and that local traffic flow wasn’t affected.

In order to minimise the carbon footprint of the refurbishment, all the timber extracted from the property was recycled by a local charity, and a complete heating package was installed, with new boiler and radiators, hot air space heating, and a split-air conditioning system in the warehouse.

Working to a tight schedule, the ITC team completed the programme creating a facility that provides a positive impact for people in the community enabling the council to store and distribute supportive items to people with disabilities such as wheelchair users.