Aylesbury Vale Nursing Facilities
Bucks New University

Type: Design & refurbishment
Duration: 8 Weeks
Value: £450k

Second phase at Aylesbury Vale to create a new nurses training facility and café.

Over the past 12 years ITC have worked in all areas of the BNU campuses and this project saw us working in a new facility recently acquired in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Following on from Phase 1 carried out by ITC on the Ground Floor, Hubs areas, Phase 2 was negotiated with BNU to ensure the scope and programme was agreed quickly so the project could start on time and meet very specific handover dates.

The project was formed of two parts, firstly, the creation of the Nurses Training facility, this include the formation of a skills lab and monitoring rooms to create a mock hospital ward with medical trunking, cubicles and beds complete with specialist training dummies.

The second part saw us create a ground floor Café, with new entrance doors, seating areas, servery, beverage making facilities and all associated services to allow BNU to sell their Costa Coffee to the users of the building, and passers-by in the marina outside.

The Café area faces onto a marina, where thousands of visitors were due to attend a local boating event around completion, so BNU wanted to be open for business! In order to avoid any risks to their open day, the project was completed a week ahead of schedule, with a very happy client being able to showcase their new Nurses Training Facility resulting in a great student uptake!