Birkbeck, University of London
Plant Replacement

Type: M&E replacement
Duration: 38 weeks
Value: £2.1m
Architects & M&E: Ridge & Partners
Cost Consultant: Artelia UK
Project Manager: Currie & Brown

University of London
Plant Replacement

New and improved mechanical plant installation at world-class Birkbeck, University of London.

ITC were appointed to validate, design, install and commission new boiler and domestic hot water plant, installed within converted teaching space.

New gas infrastructure and boiler plant sized to accommodate the increasing demand on campus.

The team worked closely with the client representatives to ensure disruptions were kept to a minimum whilst adhering to Covid guidelines.

Ensuring that hot water generation was maintained throughout the project, and that heat was on in advance of heating season.

The project included:

  • Installation of a new 200mm gas main rising to 7th floor
  • Gas ventilation design and boxing
  • Conversion of teaching space to plant space
  • Structural floor strengthening and base installation
  • Install over 100m of 100mm F&R heating pipework within existing teaching and lab space
  • Design and install thermal expansion devices to new and existing pipework
  • Electrical supply installed from basement to 7th floor plant room
  • Installation of boiler plant, HX’s and pumps
  • Installation of hot water calorifiers, system pressurisation and expansion vessels
  • New plant room extract ventilation system interlinked with boiler sequencing
  • Trend BMS controls installation with 2 new MCPs and graphic upgrades
  • Replacement of system commissioning stations
  • Flushing, dosing and site wide commissioning
  • Seasonal commissioning
  • Installation of bulkheads, new ceilings and light fittings to accommodate new services

The projects success was based on open collaboration between client, consultants, contractors and specialists responding efficiently to on site discovery items, and the challenges which the pandemic brought to working conditions and the supply chain.

Birkbeck, University of London
Plant Replacement, Project Gallery