Working around a client’s calendar

3rd July 2019

A refurbishment is no small undertaking. In order to transform the old into the new, careful consideration is required to minimise disruption to the spaces function. Yet this doesn’t mean a business is destined to suffer because it wants to improve and expand its services -you just need to choose the right construction team for the job.

Flexibility is one of the greatest qualities a contractor can have. It’s obviously paramount when working in certain areas such as healthcare or education – a hospital can’t suddenly stop treating patients or a university stop holding lecturer. Working with a client’s calendar is crucial to every sector, to ensure works don’t impact your bottom line and that neighbour relationships aren’t put under strain. With careful planning, open and honest channels of communication, and a client-centred approach, these logistical challenges can be met and overcome as we’ve seen time and time again.

We worked to strict time constraints on our recently completed a refurbishment at The Royal Automobile Club. This project saw us work on an elegant dining room and kitchen refurbishment in the Grade II listed building, located on Pall Mall. Despite the extensive refurbishment required, it was vital that the Club’s scheduled member events weren’t impacted by the work and that the project was completed before critical booking dates. To navigate these requirements, we worked with the Club to create a carefully planned programme which took into account crucial events and hard deadlines.

It was our collaborative approach, working seamlessly with all members of our supply chain, which enabled us to deliver this project to the tight deadlines required. We achieved this despite the discovery two weeks into the project that 40 tonnes of perished screed had to be removed and replaced before the kitchens were installed – a testament to our working relationships and our problem-solving expertise.

Each project comes with its own unique opportunities and challenges: the key is to listen and truly understand your priorities. With creativity, flexibility and great communication you both can enjoy the process as well as the end result!

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