Work experience at ITC

13th February 2018

In January, we were joined for three days by Luke Baker from Crawley College when he undertook his work experience. At ITC, we believe that work experience is an opportunity for us to positively shape young people’s impression of the construction industry and, in particular, what it’s like to work for ITC. After his work experience, Luke would undoubtedly go out and share his opinions on his experience with ITC, so we wanted it to be a good one!

Throughout his time with us we gave Luke a taste of many of the different elements and teams involved in construction. He visited a number of different sites, was inducted into the Pre-Construction Team, and joined in with a Site Manager’s seminar, observing and even providing his own contributions.

Reflecting on his experience, Luke said,

‘I really like the organisation and have felt included in everything. People have been very patient explaining each job, including when I was on site. I’ve really enjoyed the experience, in particular the commercial aspect and I’m now interested in pursuing opportunities in estimating and surveying. Thank you to Dan Jones and Dan Staff for their time and support.’

All-in-all, this was a great experience for Luke and for ITC – we’d be delighted to have him back with us in the Summer.