The C Word

20th May 2020

The C (Construction) Word

After a short break, the latest instalment of Business Development Manager Becky Cheney’s “Life in Lockdown” is here. In this weeks entry she talks about the challenges of home schooling, the Prime Ministers recent statement and the construction industry returning to work…

Feeling flat

I’m not going to deny I felt a bit flat after Boris’ announcements last Sunday.

I knew there was little chance of everything opening up again, but for someone who doesn’t have a garden, the prospect of popping out to my local centre for some weed killer hasn’t been high on my agenda.

Music to our ears

At least he finally used the “C” word and construction can get going which is music to our ears at ITC.

We’ve been working so hard to get all our sites running in some capacity through stringent collaborative workshops and safety procedures. We are pleased to say we are pretty much business as usual.

Running rings around me

If only it was as smooth-running at home.

I’m finding it pretty hard to believe that there’s much learning going on.  Here’s hoping it’s the same across the country.

Basically, they’re running rings round me and attention spans are short.

How come if you asked them to stare at a computer and concentrate on Call of Duty for six hours, it would be no problem, but getting them to listen to the teachers without playing with the dog, getting a snack, or spending an hour in the bathroom is near impossible??

My friend’s son actually put a photo of himself with the words “connecting” underneath and stuck it to the camera on his computer.  Obviously he got caught but I can’t help but think that boy will go far!

There will be a lot of catching up to do I fear come September!

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