Supporting The Sutton And Croydon MS Therapy Centre in 2018

19th December 2017

The Sutton and Croydon MS therapy Centre has been chosen as our Charity of the Year for 2018. It is an inspirational local charity located just a few miles from ITC that helps people in the community live well with Multiple Sclerosis.

We have had a fantastic Charity of the Year partnership with them since 2014, raising funds in a variety of ways and using our construction expertise and energy to carry out much-appreciated repairs at the Centre. We also helped the charity’s trustees with a pre-planning proposal for a new space for Oxygen Therapy to be added to the range of therapies already offered.

We will work with the charity in 2018 to progress this project, as well as supporting them with fundraising and volunteering. We kick off our activity by donating £1,000 to the Centre which is in lieu of ITC sending paper Christmas cards. This will enable the centre to purchase a piece of equipment, such as a Transfer Aid which helps members change from a seated to a standing position and move more freely and safely about the Centre.

Find out more info about the Sutton and Croydon MS therapy Centre here: