Project Update – Marcantonio Foods

17th February 2020


Our refurbishment and alteration work at the Marcantonio Foods production site in Essex is approaching 5-month milestone, and Project Director Mark Vietro has shared the following update: 

“The team have been working hard on this multi-phased design and build project in order to meet all of the requirements of our client”.

We are now on the penultimate phase, after completing the inside works for the new warehouse and production spaces to No. 18 Thames Road. We have undertaken a complete overhaul of the services installations to both spaces, applied new floor and wall finishes and created new office, workshop space and wash areas. It has not come without its challenges!

We have built one of our single largest metal stud walls to date – 35 metres long and 15 metres high (see photo below)!

We are now outside completing the infrastructure works to provide increased electrical and gas supplies to buildings No. 18 and 20 to facilitate our clients planned increased production capacity. We have also provided the infrastructure for increased storage by the formation of new bases for their storage silos – which required piles in excess of 20 metres and, due to the locality of the site, ground survey checks for potential WW11 un-exploded ordnance (of which fortunately none were found)!”

We will continue to keep you updated on this exciting project – watch this space!