Our unique residential projects

26th April 2019

Residential projects come in all shapes and sizes, with a vast array of histories, and we’ve been lucky to work on many unique and interesting residential spaces with a range of clients. Whether it’s switching the use of a space to fulfil a new purpose, making a site habitable once again or simply helping a client provide the latest facilities to their residents, our creative and collaborative approach has seen us deliver living spaces to be proud of.

One of our most recent residential completions was at 168 Egham High Street for Runnymede Borough Council. This refurbishment and fit-out a transformed former office space into four contemporary apartments, combined with a refurbishment of the restaurant below. This resulted in a complex programme which required very careful planning to coordinate every element. Special attention had to be paid to how the two spaces would function together once the restaurant opened again and tenants moved in, so that noise from the restaurant would not disrupt the residents. Our specialist team acoustically treated all new services, resulting in fresh new living spaces that future residents will be happy to go home to!

Catering to the needs of the future is the cornerstone of every building project, but some require a special attention to the needs of the past. This was the case with our work at Swaylands in Penhurst, Kent, which comprised a complete renovation of the manor house. Swaylands is a stunning property with a rich history (complete with turrets and battlements!), set within 60 acres of parkland, but it had become dilapidated and unoccupied for nine years before ITC were called on board to give it a new lease of life. Though we were converting the space into 28 luxury homes, the client wished to retain the history of the Grade II listed manor house, and the utmost care was needed for this sympathetic restoration, completed in conjunction with English Heritage guidelines. Swaylands was a challenging project but the results speak for themselves.

A high level of sensitivity will also be a crucial component of one of our current residential projects: our refurbishment of Welbeck Mansions. We’rebeginning works at the property in West Hampstead to return the fire-damaged space into modern accommodation, as we refurbish three floors of the building. This project includes the repair of the building façade, including a reinstatement of the destroyed decorative details, and a reconstruction of part of the roof that was lost in the fire. The goal of the client and ITC team is to allow the property to once more be an aesthetic and comfortable space for its residents.

Do you have a residential space that could do with some restoration magic? Get in touch to discuss how we might help.