One year on from our brand refresh

3rd June 2019

Over the years ITC had rapidly grown its team, portfolio and turnover, working across a range of sectors with our clients to deliver exceptional projects. Two years ago, it became apparent that we had outgrown our image, and that it was time for a change to reflect the company that we had become.

In May last year, we were proud to unveil the ITC brand refresh, a culmination of ten months of hard work and careful planning. Skilfully led through the process by brand agency UnitedUs, from company consultation through to unveiling, we changed everything from the logo, name and website to project brochures and branded PPE. It’s now been over a year since our brand refresh; it was an ambitious and bold transformation which was overseen and executed by a tight-knit team of experts – not unlike our approach to every project!

Our refresh was founded on thorough research, forward-thinking and collaboration from our dedicated and hardworking ITC team. In addition to external expert advice, it was vital to let internal feedback shape the process, so that the brand was refreshed in a way which still held true to our continuing core values. As we already had an established presence and network in the industry, it was crucial not to unrecognisably change our identity whilst properly representing our decades of experience and future ambitions.

The launch night last May was a brilliant and memorable night, unveiling the results of this work to our partners and well-wishers, sharing the exciting new chapter in the life of the company. Our new look also caught the construction industry’s eye, with ITC being featured in Construction UK Magazine and announcing our new image to the wider sector.

One year on, our evolved ITC brand has grown from strength to strength. It’s boosted our presence at key international networking events, from PropSki to the iconic MIPIM, and brought our outward appearance in line with the quality of our projects. Since May last summer, from the accumulative efforts across the business and re-brand, we were pleased to witness a steady uptake in tender value opportunities allowing us to achieve our business goals. The feedback we received in the months following the launch is further testament to the success of the refresh, with our partners praising our new look for ‘reflect[ing our] continued goal to keep the business in touch with the current market’.

As we mark a year on from our brand refresh, we’re delighted to already notice the difference it’s made to the company. However, a brand is only as strong as the team behind it and without year-round efforts and the ability of our team in delivering projects, exceeding client’s expectations, we wouldn’t be experiencing such growth. We’re looking forward to the future and seeing where our evolved brand and identity will take us next!