On a Mission

22nd April 2020

Is the nation on a mission to achieve something by the end of lockdown? Are we being more productive at work? and is gin tasting with work colleagues a good idea? All is revealed in Business Development Manager Becky Cheney’s latest blog post….

The Lockdown Mission

So many people I know are on a mission to do something productive and want to feel that they have achieved something by the end of lockdown which is brilliant.

I’ve really stepped up my exercise and instead of being on the Gatwick Express first thing, I can be found on the beach running with the dog, which is a much preferred start to the day.

I haven’t sampled the delights of Joe Wicks yet but apparently he’s the modern day Mr Motivator, getting thousands of families across the nation to bounce around in front of the telly for half an hour before they get stuck into their full English.

A new language also seems to be a popular choice and learning a new instrument which can be testing for other housemates.

My Dad started to learn to play the saxophone but had a fall last week and has broken his wrist.  There’s a conspiracy theory that my Mum pushed him.  She’s not denied it yet.

But all in all, the general consensus seems to be that life has settled down and people are quite enjoying the slower pace, time with their families and no commute.

Working Wonders

In fact, I’m having more meetings via zoom than I usually do during a working week.  It might not be quite the same as face-to-face but the message and personality still shines through and it’s been great to keep connections with so many.

In our quest to carry on regardless, ITC are trialling an online event this week – gin tasting!  Samples of gin and matching mixers have been sent to our guests’ home addresses and we have a gin expert talking us through the different styles.   4 large gins and one hour of tasting.  What could go wrong?  I’ll let you know if any of us remember it!

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