World Mental Health Day

20th October 2019

On 11th October 2019, ITC colleagues marked World Mental Health Day by taking a break together for a cuppa, a doughnut, and a chat at our head office and, where possible, out on our project sites too. It was a lovely reminder of the importance of spending time together, sharing conversations and was inclusive of anyone working on our sites that day.

The coffee break was a perfect opportunity to remind our team that here at ITC, we offer mental health support through our Employee Assistance Programme and our ITC Mental Health First Aiders, of which we currently have 3.  In addition, we emphasised the importance of talking to each other whilst at work; a simple hello and goodbye each day can make all the difference to good relations and well-being, and we are also encouraging people to talk more openly to each other and really ‘check in’ to make sure all our team are genuinely OK. We offered everyone a mental health pin to wear if they would like, to signify that they were happy to be approached to talk to. Finally we asked everyone present to get in touch with our Mental Health first aiders if they were concerned about a colleague

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