Life on Camera – Life in Lockdown

6th April 2020

Following on from Becky’s first week in lockdown, our business development manager sheds some light on her surprising discoveries when using video technology whilst working from home.

Life on camera

Zoom and Microsoft teams are amazing! They have been a fantastic way of communicating internally and I’m hoping this week a little more externally.  We’ve been looking at ways that we can still run our regular events, and when things are more settled we can start approaching our clients and referrers to see if they want to get involved.

Up and dressed

Video communication is also keeping the nation up and dressed.  If it wasn’t for this new method how many people would be sprawled on their sofas, in their onesies, surrounded by beer cans and chocolate wrappers?

Last week seemed to be about getting set up properly to work remotely and either salvaging sites or shutting them down.  I was very aware that our contacts wouldn’t be interested in conversations around future tenders and when they were likely to land.

So, I felt a little unsure of how I best approach people.  It’s all about the timing, yet we still need the security of knowing that the tenders are still coming in.  They haven’t disappeared and  great projects will be happening just as soon as the construction industry is up and running again.

Personal conversations

The conversations I did have with people however, pleasantly surprised me.  Conversations have been more personal.  Each of us have a different personal situation which leads to unique approaches in dealing with the same common issues.

I have learned more about people I work with and work alongside than I probably ever would, and they have insight into my world too.

This can only lead to communicating and working better together and how strange it is that social distancing has made this happen.

In it Together

As we’ve heard so much over the past few weeks, we are in it together and so much is out of our control (not just my kids)!

I don’t know what to expect in the coming weeks but I’m bracing myself for both personal and professional challenges.

And if all else fails, M&S vodka really isn’t all that bad!

Next Week

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