Life in Lockdown with Becky Cheney – Week 1

31st March 2020

From anxiety to parenthood, Becky Cheney, our Business Development Manager gives us a unique insight into her housebound first week as part of our new “Life in Lockdown” blog series.

Week one in lockdown

Three weeks ago, myself and other members of the ITC team defiantly held a networking event, replacing the one planned for MIPIM, in Central London. It was really well attended and our relaxed attitude towards the world’s scariest and biggest challenge seems in hindsight at best naive.

But how things have changed and at what a pace.

So, week one, for me, was an interesting one.

Anxiety at an all time high

At the start of the week my anxiety levels had hit an all-time high. Will I be put into the Furlough scheme?  Will I be able to cover my bills?  How long will we be in lockdown for before friends and colleagues realise I’m not a natural blonde and my lashes make me look like a drag queen?

I’m one of the lucky ones so far. The decisions that were made with shops and businesses closing have been catastrophic for so many but working in the construction industry left so many unanswered questions.  To close or not to close the sites?  I comforted myself with the thoughts that when we drag ourselves back out of hibernation, my job will be an important part of getting the business back on track.

Working from home (WFH)

So WFH as it’s now known. I’m used to working from home.  I like working from home.  It feels more like WTF at the moment though.

How do you explain to kids that they can break up two weeks early from school but they still have to do school work, they still need get up in the morning and follow the routine, they can’t go out and meet up with any of their mates and they can’t lie around in their pants all day on the X-box?

Being a single Mum of four teens with no garden, home schooling might be the defining factor that tips me over the edge.  Thank God there’s no fly on the wall in this house. There’s some pretty ripe language going on round here and luckily the streaking behind me while on Zoom or dressing the dog up and positioning her behind me during video calls has been saved for internal meetings.  I’m just praying the novelty wears off soon or my co-workers might start contacting social services.

I think if wine was as scarce as loo roll there’d be a mutiny on our hands.  I will never ever criticise a teacher again.

Life in Lockdown

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