ITC’s approach to collaborative working

30th April 2019

Collaborative Working Director Ian Conway explains our collaborative approach and how it yields results.

Construction is all about careful planning, consideration and communication – and this applies both to the design and building of a project, as well as the relationships which make them happen. As a company, it’s been our care and thoroughness which has seen us grow from success to success, and add to our portfolio of award-winning projects. We also work hard and invest purposefully in creating a community atmosphere within the ITC team and wider supply chain.

Since we first started doing business more than 25 years ago, we have worked with a large number of clients and subcontractors, and this list keeps growing. The quality of our projects has always relied on the quality of our processes, and the way we engage with clients, as well as everyone in our supply chain. This has led us to be the contractor of choice for many prestigious clients across a range of sectors and we take pride in the longevity of many of these relationships.

Our process is simple and is founded upon constant communication to achieve our goal of delivering hassle free projects. Our construction team consists of five Project Managers who are assigned projects based on their project specialisms, so each project team benefits from the highest level of expertise. Each PM gained their title through their client driven, hands on approach, and their drive to be involved in and help at every stage of the programme.

ITC runs a cradle to grave system, ensuring information flows instantly and without obstruction across the supply chain and to our clients: delayed receipt of information leads to miscommunication, which in turn results in costly errors and delays. Incorporating the latest technology is a massive part of this, and our PiP system is a central hub of information which members of the project team can access for current details. Our snagging app and feedback portals are also crucial in delivering hassle-free projects.

A true collaborative approach relies on people, not technology. From site inductions, manuals and workshops, to weekly toolbox talks and a thorough handover process, ITC is committed to ensuring everyone in the supply chain is on the same page, not only to build up relationships, but to ensure clients receive the same exceptional level of care no matter the project or the team.

This collaborative approach, and the systems we have in place proves to yield results. Its success is seen not only through our subcontractor feedback and industry awards, but through the sharing of our process with other contractors. For example, Willmott Dixon have visited us to gain insights from our systems, as well as Deltek (PiP). It’s through this sharing of knowledge, and collaborating across the industry, that our sector as a whole progresses – the ultimate goal of our collaborative approach!