ITC Giving Back – The Woodland Trust

11th January 2019

Mike Childs tree presentation

At ITC, one of our core values is that we ‘believe in our people’, and our investment in people extends beyond our team. We’re always looking for ways to give back to the wider community, and we understand the responsibility that we have to the environment.

We have a proud tradition of presenting all new staff with a small tree on joining, representing not only our commitment to the environment but to helping each individual grow in their time at ITC. We’ve purchased more than 140 staff trees since we first started this initiative in 2005!

In 2011 we started our ‘One Project, One Tree scheme, dedicating trees to The Woodland Trust, and awarded London Borough Of Camden two project completion trees. We have now given 160 client trees to date.

That’s now a total of over 300 trees presented, or dedicated through The Woodland Trust!