ITC and the Community

29th October 2018

Ian Conway

Working collaboratively is at the heart of all we do and commitment to community is a major part of this. Director Ian Conway shares his thoughts on what community means to ITC and how this translates into action.

Community is integral to the success of any business – and it’s particularly vital for a contractor. A hassle free project delivered on time, budget and to the highest quality is the result of collaborative working and a sense of community across the supply chain. Having a shared vision and holding the same core values leads to a project which answers the client’s needs and which best serves the community who will use it.

But true community extends beyond a company’s client list and into the area around it.

At ITC we’ve always been proud of our Croydon roots and, more than twenty five years down the line, this hasn’t changed.

Our company may have grown over time and our brand identity has evolved, but what’s remained constant is our loyalty to South London and its people. Belief in our people is one of our mission statement’s core values and this extends from our staff team and into our local area.

Supporting local charities is of great importance to us as we can see first-hand the massive difference they make. This year the Sutton & Croydon MS Therapy Centre is our charity of the year, which means our company-wide fundraising efforts are going towards raising money and awareness for their important work. And individual team members also love to get involved, including running 10k races and half marathons.

Having a large team of over 60 full time staff working from our Croydon base, gives an economic boost to the area and a large number of our team members are based in Croydon and South London – some live just a few minutes’ walk away. And last year we won the Croydon Business Award for training and development! We appreciate our ability to provide employment and training to those living in this part of London and we’ve also taken on apprentices from Croydon College, helping support them through their BTEC and NVQ qualifications. Offering work experience to local students aspiring to a career in construction is another way we can support the local area.

But being fully involved in the local community also means connecting with the businesses around us – though we work with many companies in central London, Croydon is a bustling hub of opportunity in its own right. It’s all about creating an atmosphere of collaboration, not competition, and learning from each other in order for the whole area develop. We’re keen members and supporters of the Croydon Constructing Excellence Club, which greatly facilitates local agenda setting and networking.

Community means many things in business – internal relationships, industry networks, online interaction – but it also means the relationship between a company and its local area. ITC is very proud of being Croydon-based and aware of our role as South London ambassadors.The exceptional, award-winning quality of the services we provide and the work we deliver, not to mention the talent of our team, demonstrates that business excellence exists and indeed flourishes beyond the skyscrapers of Zone 1.