Investing in People

8th July 2019

Success is built on strong foundations. It’s true for any construction project but it’s also true for any company or organisation, as long-lasting achievement relies on a solid, connected team. It’s the people and their approach which brings the value to a company, and subsequently its work, so it’s vital a business invests in its team.

At ITC believing in our people is one of our core values, but for belief to mean anything it must translate to action. That’s why we take the personal and professional development of our team very seriously, guiding and supporting our employees through qualifications (we’ve physically and financially helped ten members embark on university courses) and we offer and have in place flexible working arrangements that accommodate individual needs. We also train and develop our team to ensure they obtain a broad understanding of other areas of the business. In addition, we run quarterly feedback sessions with all our people to capture and build upon great internal ideas and feedback. We are also aware that during people’s working lives they may experience times when they need some additional support. We have to date a trained Mental Health First Aider, with two further team members awaiting their training and ready to join the Mental Health First Aid cohort.

We also love celebrating our team’s individual successes, whether it’s professional, such as exam results, years of service, or personal achievements outside of work.

This investment and commitment in our people is reflected in our industry accreditation: we hold the Investors in People Gold Award (awarded given to only 1.5% of organisations globally) and our recent IIP staff survey report showed that we retain Gold level, placing ITC well above the construction industry average as well as the IIP average. Our investment in our people, our great team culture, is reflected in the longevity of our team – our ITC colleagues stay with us for an average of eight years, demonstrating the people-centric culture that we’ve consciously worked hard to build, as well as the opportunities for career progression and development we provide.

At ITC we believe in our people, our work and we believe in being better together.