Bored Games – Life in Lockdown

16th April 2020

Business Development Becky Cheney talks all things board games, parenthood and keeping in touch with friends in this weeks blog entry. Catch up with Becky’s previous blog entries “Week 1 in Lockdown” and “Life on Camera“.

Bored Games

Felt a bit disappointed this week as I was supposed to be in Barcelona for Easter visiting a friend.  The lengthy Saturday night phone call with a couple of bottles of Cava instead didn’t quite replace the tapas, sangria and bars in the sun.

But on a positive note the sun is shining and myself and the gang are coming up with different ways of living together and entertaining ourselves.

Michael Gove switched from being one of my least favourite politicians to one that I’m slightly grateful for.  Having announced at the brink of lockdown that in the case of divorced families wherever the children were at the time, they had to stay (I had all four of mine plus my daughter’s boyfriend), he backtracked. Michael changed his mind and mine can flit between home and the X-factor which gives us all a change of scene and a bit of a break from one another.

Are we Bored Yet?

Are we bored yet?  I dusted off all our old board games.  Half the pieces are missing and let’s just say some of us are more competitive than others.  There have been a few strops thrown (not by me)!  One thing that we can all agree on is that Twister is not happening.

I was encouraged to buy a game called Cards Against Humanity.  If you’ve not heard of it, may I suggest you don’t try and play it with a 12 and 14 year-old.  Inappropriate is not the word.

There’s been a 5k run challenge which is the healthy alternative to the down a pint challenge that’s been flying around Brighton. Any alternative to the X-box and Netflix is welcome.

Looking Forward

I’m loving Facetime Thursdays with my girlfriends which has resulted in a few Feeling Rough Fridays.  We’ve had zoom quizzes and dinner parties as well as lots of use of the app House Party.

However busy and entertained we can keep ourselves indoors the better, but it does feel cruel being surrounded by such beautiful weather.

I’m really looking forward to seeing my parents and my friends in the flesh and not just across a screen, but aren’t we lucky to have Microsoft Teams, Zoom and skype to communicate both in work and with our loved ones?

It looks like we’re here for a few more weeks yet so any suggestions on home activities then please let me know!!

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