4 Ways Growing Companies Can Make the Most of their Office Space

2nd June 2017

At ITC Concepts, we’ve been creating amazing workspaces for 25 years. Over that period, we’ve been delighted to see a number of our clients grow and expand alongside us. ITC’s Director, Tony Smith, gives four tips on how growing companies can make the most out of their office space and create a fantastic working environment for their team.

1. More is less
Many traditional businesses opt for large, chunky furniture in their offices. It goes without saying that this isn’t wise for growing businesses that are keen to optimise space. Increasingly, modern businesses are going for a stripped back approach to help create a nicer working environment. This can include getting rid of cumbersome furniture items and instead creating dynamic communal areas which can be used for both work and social activities, boosting productivity and a sense of community.

2. Make the most of your meeting rooms
We find that meeting rooms are often the biggest space-taker when it comes to the configuration of an office. Whilst essential to have, poorly designed meeting rooms can end up being a waste of valuable space. Integrating wipe-clean walls that can be used for brainstorming, building in storage, creating relaxed seating options, and ensuring the latest multi-media devices are present can turn a standard meeting room into a space suitable for multiple uses. This will maximise the time in which they’re occupied and allow your company to be flexible with how they are used.

3. Storage hunters
Of course, most businesses will need to factor in some element of storage depending on the nature of their work. However, paper storage can often be migrated online which leads to space-saving and opens up new possibilities. This type of change can allow you to create space for new office editions such as creativity zones or focus booths, all things which can boost productivity and cater to employees needs.

4. Design
An office that is well-designed can work wonders when it comes to ensuring a happy workforce. Bright, modern and comfortable workspaces that cater for all professional needs should be the goal. Dated and inefficient offices don’t inspire people, meaning appealing design is key if you want the best from your team.


Tony Smith, Director